"The main focus is the vertical videos because they generate a huge amount of reach and engagement."
The editing processes include: identifying the most catchy sequences, trimming, arrangement, sound processing (in case of disturbing background noises, low volume, etc.), color correction, filters, captions, etc.
Mainly, I work with CapCut because I find it very convenient to use, especially because it has both a mobile and a desktop app (sometimes I like to make short edits on my phone) and it's not a big resources eater. Also, it's free to use, haha.
If more complexity is needed, I can bring out the big boys, Filmora or Premiere Pro. If you wonder what's the last app from the image above, it's called Fruity Loops, a digital audio station that I used to make music. It helps with the sound processing.

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Reels / Video Cuts
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